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Preservation  •  Education  •  Immersion

The schoolhouse will be a place for the children of Boxford to understand, firsthand, the experience of attending school in a small farming community during the 1800’s.  The students will attend 1-to-2-hour school sessions reenacting the lives of their predecessors using antique desks, books, stationery, toys, and slates. Children will have lessons in reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and music using materials from the 1800’s. They will eat the same foods and will play the same games at recess, or “nooning” as it was known in 1845. The students will also learn about the rules and manners that were expected of children in earlier times. Activities will be coordinated between classroom teachers and our LRS volunteers. Through these programs the children of Boxford will learn valuable lessons in history and will be able to both appreciate and value the differences.

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